A Nightline Thanksgiving

Before anything, tonight’s Lost was really messed up. Even more than the “someone’s going to die” teaser episode last week, this week Ana Lucida is just turning out to be such a totally despicable person — and everybody knows it, and they have to spend the forseeable future with her on the island. Geez.

Ted Koppel’s last night on Nightline focused not on self-congratulations, but on Tuesdays with Morrie, a reprise of a three episode series three years ago about a Brandeis sociology professor dealing with his own process of death by Lou Gehrig’s disease. To paraphrase, the distance between life and death is not a chasm, but a bridge over a little brook – not far at all. I plan on getting the book.

Today’s Nightline post-Koppel was on Thanksgiving traditions. The most amusing were the turducken and the canned cranberry. Also, there was a focus on Norman Rockwell’s series of paintings depicting Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms, including the archtypical Thanksgiving scene. The pictures are somewhat dated, but they are still part of this country’s mythology of political faith, and surely what we ought to be thankful for. Have a good Thanksgiving, folks.

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  1. Yeah, last night’s Nightline was very interesting. That turkducken was quite an idea. The canned cranberry thing was hilarious (and amazing to see that fresh cranberry sauce is actually that easy to make!) – but come on: only in America can we get cranberry in a can, ridges and Used By Date included. Rockwell’s painting was also something – Rockwell as an artist was not nearly as easy as people think he was.

    Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

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