Heat and Humidity

Ugh, I hate this kind of heat and humidity. At least the weather’s getting better tonight.

Hmm. Some bit of news on the “Alias” front, presuming anyone wants to know (not that it’s that big a spoiler, since Jennifer Garner’s real life condition would make her acting as Sydney a bit complicated).

Since I didn’t go to work Tuesday (floating holiday!), I managed to watch the Shuttlecraft Discovery lift off. Scary stuff – the idea that we can send someone up there. Now let’s make sure that the astronauts can come home safe and sound.

So I’m going through one of my tapes, since I taped way much PBS documentaries and stuff that need to be checked out before I decide to erase. “Broadway: The American Musical” – hosted by Julie Andrews, covering the history of Broadway, back to its roots in minstrelsy, operattas, and so forth to the pop stuff of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. The documentary has its interesting moments, with the stories of the bigger-than-life people and the ties to American history; but, it also has it’s boring moments (I guess I’m just not into Broadway). Pretty nifty looking website, although I guess that they can’t do audio-video clips without violating copyright law or something. The documentary did have really great footage of some musicals – Jerry Orbach in “42nd Street” back in the day – a fantastic voice and such exuberance! – and his amusing stories of working the stage. So sad that he’s no longer with us.

The weird part was watching this clip of Stephen Sondheim’s “Sunday in the Park with George” – starring Mandy Patankin, and then… hit pause on the VCR, isn’t that Data from “Star Trek: The Next Generation”?! Lo and behold, Imdb confirmed that Brent Spiner did “Sunday in the Park with George.” Who hasn’t done Broadway/Off-Broadway? I think it’s great though – it takes a lot of skill to go back and forth on the stage and screen (the tv and big one).

Great, now that I’m watching the last episode of the documentary, I feel like I can’t get myself to erase this. Huh – it’s really interesting to consider the New Broadway stuff – can they match the Old Broadway; are we consistent with the roots and reaching for the future?

So, is echinacea good for preventing colds or not? Hmm.

So it goes.

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