Perfect Roast Beef

The secret to perfect roast beef? First, the ingredients are really simple. According to Cook’s Illustrated The New Best Recipe, there are only 4 ingredients: a good cut of beef (I had about 4 pounds of bottom round), salt, pepper, and vegetable oil. The critical technique is pan browning, followed by slow cooking at 2 temperatures. Using the Polder Cooking Timer and Thermometer‘s continuous reading probe, it is really painless to pull it off — you just set the internal temperature desired (250 degree oven until 110 degree internal temp, followed by 500 degree oven until 130 degree internal temp). You don’t even have to peek in the oven and mess up the temp. The results came out perfect – good crust on the outside, medium pink on the inside. Totally succulent, and good eating for the next few days.

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  1. That Christopher Kimball of Cook’s Illustrated/America’s Test Kitchen is just amazing for coming up with the best recipes. (not like I actually try them, but…) – I like how he does all the experimenting and then swears that he has the absolute, definitively best recipe. And, it does look so good to watch and read – so good to know that it does work…

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