Well, getting a voice back is nice. 😉 Hating the cold/flu season.

Saw most of the movie “Ray” on DVD – pretty good movie on Saturday. Jamie Foxx was good, so I can see how he won the Oscar. But, the ending of the movie was a little disappointing for me.

Today, I saw “Sideways”with my siblings – very funny movie. Paul Giamatti plays the sad sack Miles, a failed writer/8th Grade English teacher, who takes his best friend, groom Jack, on a one-week road trip before Jack’s wedding. They enjoy wine tasting in California wine country and golfing. But, hijinks ensue, since Jack, a soap star actor, has to sow his wild oats, and Miles gives in to lying to the local waitress/co-oneophile, Mia. Too bad that Virginia Madsen, who played Mia, didn’t win the Oscar; her monologue on the virtues of wine was great. Such a shame that Paul Giamatti wasn’t even nominated at all for an Oscar; he had strong range of angst and humor at once.

Enjoy the latest work week ahead.

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