Mission from Mars, Itinerary from Venus

P- and I differ in the way we plan trips.

I’m kind of the get-to-the-objective-at-all-costs and smell-the-roses-along-the-way-type-of-person. I have an overall theme of things I want to experience, but I don’t have a preset lists of things — I’m willing to let things be how they are.

P– is for the regimented checklist approach: 6 am at the market, 7 am at the castle, 8 am at the museum.

Both of these approaches have their merits. Itinerary from Venus will accomplish all of the compulsory checklist items in the guide book but will require another vacation afterwards. Mission from Mars will probably hit the major items in the guide book, but spend a lot more time on each one.

I hope we can come to a happy medium. I really hated the last large group tour I went on because of fighting over travel plans.

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