An end of an era :(

L&O won’t be the same without Lenny. A moment of silence please.

With all the changes, I think this one will be the hardest to come to grips with. I mean, at times, he was almost the show itself. Dennis Farina is an interesting replacement but he’s got the edge to actually pull it off.

Cya Lenny!  You Da Man!

[Image linked from The Gothamist –ed]
You rock on!


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  1. Many people don’t realize that he has been in the biz so long that he was in the original cast of The Fantasticks. “Try to Remember” … the original was sung by Jerry Orbach. As Patrick Steward will always be Jean Luc Picard, so will Jerry be Lenny.

  2. “Try to Remember” is such a poignant song – I remembered reading the NY Times’ article about the closing of “The Fantasticks” in late 2001/early 2002, and the article pointed out that the words in the song in reference to September was eerily in sad timing of the events of September 2001.

    But, yeah, Jerry Orbach is Lenny Briscoe. Patrick Stewart is Jean Luc Picard. William Shatner is James Kirk. Leonard Nimoy is Spock. Arnold Schwarzenegger is … well, he’s Arnold. So it goes. Salute to the character and the man behind the character.

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