New Board Hacks

One has to wonder if putting in new stuff in the blog but not actually writing counts as being “obsesed by blogging”.

Two new things:
1. You’re in control of where you are! Just select the correct category on your post, and the “Writing From” indicator in the upper right corner will update automatically!

2. To answer YC’s questions,
writers are on the same level, and so, yes there is nothing really stopping you from doing edits on each other’s writing. Hopefully you’ll exercise restraint.

Post Slug is meant to contain search terms. This was for backward compatability for those migrating from the Movable Type blogging system. You can pretty much leave it alone. FYI, “slug” is a printing term:

slug ( P ) Pronunciation Key (slg)

5. Printing.
1. A strip of type metal, less than type-high and thicker than a lead, used for spacing.
2. A line of cast type in a single strip of metal.
3. A compositor’s type line of identifying marks or instructions, inserted temporarily in copy.

Definition #5 part 3 is the one that we are interested in. Nowadays, a “slug” in newspaper talk is the nickname for that article that would fit on lists and schedules.

0 thoughts on “New Board Hacks”

  1. Re: blogging obsession – based on what I read in the article I noted in my previous post (some two posts back…) – I’d think that obsession is what it is when a blogger is hiding in his hotel room bathroom while on vacation to blog. Yep. That’s a bit of loss of restraint.

    Re: “Slug” – uh hmm. I think I’ll just stare at the definition longer and will try to understand it. Brain addled as I am… (I’m on vacation. Sort of. At least away from the office, as opposed to the past two days of being there and plowing through as much work as I wanted to get through)….

  2. Vacation while at the office? Umm, well, there’s such a thing as being physically but not mentally there. Is that close enough? 😉

  3. Yeah, I guess for most folks, that’s about as good as it gets. Then the lucky bastards (like myself) who get into situations where telecommuting is a real job :D.

    Some of my more bizarre office locations was a beach bungalow in Langkawi Malaysia, Toronto Pearson’s International Airport while conducting a Voice and Netmeeting meeting for 20 people.

    Sorry, don’t mean to gloat…


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