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I participate occasionally in the Harris e-surveys. A friend of mine who is in the polling business doesn’t think that they are fair polls, because the participants are self-selected, and tend to attract better educated middle to upper-class people who are computer-savvy. That’s probably right, but I suppose that if they need results in a week, and that is the demographic that the client is looking for, I think for what it’s worth, it’s valid.

As for my partipation, I think that if I’m representing 121,494 people (U.S. population estimate of 293,407,909 divided by 2,415 — some random number quoted in one of their poll results that provides results within +/- 2% for the U.S. population), I might at well pick stuff that I like and further the APA cause. For example, I just took a bank survey, the results of which are quoted above. But the kinds of questions asked actually bring up interesting ones. Banks should be more involved in the community and charity. Yes, I actually would be upset if my customer support is outsourced overseas. I actually care if they can communicate in Asian languages even though I barely can. Well, at least I’m glad that they’re asking.

In other instant gratification, I’m munching on furikake, which is Japanese rice seasoning. Apparently the essential ingredients are seaweed strips, dried bonito flakes, and sesame seads. Often, dried fried eggs or dried fish roe are also added. While it’s supposed to be sprinkled over steamed rice, I’ve — for a lack of anything else to eat — have been munching on the furikake as if they were micro-chips. Recommended, although my sodium levels are probably off the charts.

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  1. Re: Munching on instant gratification. If it means anything, I’ve been eating way too much French onion Sunchips lately. I’ve heard that starchy crunchy foods (like chips) cause more cavities than candy, which is probably why my dentist has been on my case about possible cavities for months already (why he hasn’t just filled them already is not my fault; he’s the one who keeps saying “come back another month…). His name shall remain nameless, despite my criticism of him. ’nuff said. But, back to the point about instant gratification and munching – munching chips I realize is an empty gratification (forget empty calories) – once the bag is empty, the gratification is gone…. (ok, ok, back to trying to relax and to stop being a downer…)

  2. I munch on ice :>

    Side blab on the (un)benefits of what we snack on … AJ said he in some study he read, if we were to eat the healthy stuff etc, we’d only extend our life expectancy rate about two years. To him, giving up all that for a mere two years wasn’t worth the sacrifice. If it’s true about the two years, I agree 100%. No giving up pork rinds :D.

    A good friend of mine, she snacks on sweets — particularly cookies of all shapes and sizes. She’s the sugar queen and the amount of processed sugar she takes in is rather frightening. Makes me envious because I also have a monster sweet tooth but compared to her, I’m nothing. Which is a good thing. Since cutting back on processed sugar stuff, limiting my meal portion sizes, exercising regularly from brisk walking 20-30mins a day to 4-6hrs of full court hoops, I’ve lost about 20 lbs, a full waist size, and a flatter tummy. By August, I may be down another 10-15 lbs and under the “rubicon-like” mark of 200 big ones. Woo! 😀 But I’ll have to watch the alkie intake and all the bar hopping with AJ in Taipei.


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