I’m currently at Alma Mater to attend reunion events, but should have realized that my Saturday reunion plans are about to be de-railed by a dental appointment that I should have known was going to mess me up – so I should cancel, if I’ve any sense (and, likely I don’t). The weather’s nice, I’m on vacation, I ought to relax, but I’m not very good at it. Ugh. (I must be obsessed about blogging if I’m doing it right now, but the beauty of being on campus is the incredibly easy access to internet terminals; and it’s not like I’d blog from my computer at work).

There were links I meant to link to, since the Times had one or two interesting articles. Rather surprised by CIA Director George Tenet’s sudden resignation, but shouldn’t have been. Read a Vanity Fair article on Bill Clinton’s post-presidential life (good grief, was my reaction) and am not eagerly awaiting his book. Etc.

Back to trying to relax.

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  1. Talk about compulsive- I’m writing this on the subway using my Palm PDA.

    Stay at home vacations can be quite nice. I’ve played the stay at home tourist thing before and enjoyed it.

  2. I always believed it pretty necessary to get out of the City every now and then inspite of all that there is to do.

    A day trip is always refreshing. Sometimes, the frenetic pulse of the City prevents one to “decompress” so to speak and when I need to relax, I need that in a big way. Connecticut is a good trip. Montauk may be another.


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