Taiwan Day 2

It’s day 2 here and the weather hasn’t changed a bit. Cold, wet, and quite dreary. But thanks to A J, it doesn’t matter a whole lot. Working indoors and Hooters Taiwan, that solved everything.

The Hula hoops thing was pretty neat. I even won a couple of prizes and we drank enough for me to get some San Miguel beer glasses. Sorry, no pics, I guess I will need to get a digital camera (or maybe someone else can? *hint* *hint*). No trip to Taipei is complete with a trip to the Hooters place. Janet, our hostess was quite attentive. Apparently A J and her have some history which helped out with service.

Being the ABC in Taiwan has been interesting. Besides trying to think and communicate as best as I can manage in Mandarin, I seem to get pretty good service….from Hooter hostesses :-). I’m getting the full royal treatment, hanging out at some expat places like Mago’s, a cigar and scotch place. Interestingly, the place was full of young attractive women, very few men. The four of us were the only male only group. After all the drinking I lived through it. Not too bad considering the last time I drank that much was hmmm …. a bachelor party.

So after 48 hrs here, my observations of Taipei are:
1. It’s like any other large city in the US.
2. Combination of old town feel and western style metropolis. There are some places that remind of old-town Ipoh Malaysia. Then super modern buildings and skyscrapers with huge boulevards that look like Kuala Lumpur.
3. Being an expat can be a whole lot of fun here.
4. Really amazingly beautiful women.

I should be getting out of Taipei next week to places like Taichun and Kaioshung.

Til next posting….


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