Hooters Taipei

Yet another reason I’m going to hell…

So… tonight I’m taking YC to Hooters in Taipei. The reason is we might not have the time to go down south of Taiwan and see pole dance stripping at a funeral. Anyways, hooters is a misnomer because, after all, we are in asia. Its more like flatters… or butters… just not hooters… but it does have an interesting spectacle called the hula hoop show. Imagine 5-10 young girls doing a little pom pom routine and then a hula hoop routine. Hula hoops fly through the air. My buddy AP who is quite a tall Taiwanese Dude, one time got smacked in the head with a flying hula hoop. The best part about this sort of thing is that these women are all into ABC guys so 8 times out of 10 they’ll pass you your receipt and there’ll be a mobile phone number on it. Anyways, its all good fun and the Tiger Beer is Cheap because Singapore’s economy is hurtin’. One of my singaporean buddies might come along and bring his 21 year old russian girlfriend. Should be fun to see how that plays out.

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