Beatlemania and other things

Wow, the Beatles on the local news tonight, since we’re all celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Beatles’ arrival to America and being on the Ed Sullivan show, 40 years this weekend. I liked Channel 11 (WPIX)’s reflection, wherein the female reporters teased how they enjoyed Paul McCartney as little girls. The veteran Channel 11 reporter Marvin Scott yakked about how he was at JFK airport (Idlewild airport back then) to greet the Beatles. Ah, those innocent times – or, rather, the times when America was in recovery from losing the president and before the world became ever more cynical. Or, when a certain generation became inspired by something really fun. Take your pick on which way to view this era.

NY Times’ review of the Beatles was a nice read. I also liked the’s analysis. Made one feel very positive that the Beatles came along. CNN’s take is pretty good too. Oh, heck, anything on the Beatles isn’t bad (the Beatles are well before my time, but it’s a little obvious that I like them like anyone else likes them).

And, where’s my Entertainment Weekly? I need my Entertainment Weekly fix! (EW has its own reflection on the Beatles that I shall have to look at).’s Michael Kinsley had an interesting take on the Democratic primaries. I don’t disagree with him; I’m rather amazed myself that my enthusiasm seems waning as it seems like a runaway campaign season – where’s the debating? Are we only going to get it from NH and Iowa now that the field’s all but wedded out? Everything seems so finite. Of course, “seems” is the operative word – anything can happen between now and November.

I should really quit the insomnia. Really…

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