Memorial Day Weekend 2015

Don’t forget to take some time this Memorial Day weekend to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for the country while serving in the armed forces.

A friend of mine shared on Facebook this link from the NY Times, an article by David Gonzalez, “When Every Day is Memorial Day,” regarding the photography of Andrew Lichtenstein, and the photo slide show of his photography of acknowledging those who died in service. I’m passing it on. The photos are moving stuff, telling stories in images.

A really interesting look over at NPR’s “All Things Considered” of Asians and Asian Americans working in the tech sector (which I checked out because of WNYC’s link to it). I think the whole “how does management consider its Asian/Asian American workforce?” is a question for all industries. Just saying!

A review of past Memorial Day posts here at triscribe, which have also asked readers to think about the meaning of Memorial Day (and observing Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, and other stuff):

Memorial Day 2012 has some interesting law and APA stuff.

Memorial Day 2009 involved a movie viewing. Memorial Day weekend of that year further included APA Heritage Month stuff.

Memorial Day 2008 was Marvel-related, with an Iron Man viewing. Amazing how much has been done with the Marvel characters since then.

Memorial Day 2007 involved Shrek.

Memorial Day 2006 was the X-Men 3 movie, and a Mission Impossible 3 (“X-Men: Days of Future Past” definitely remedied the sad plot weakness of X-Men 3, as I’ve said last year, and Mission Impossible will be back this summer, so… yeah, some things don’t change!).

TV viewing was something to catch up back during Memorial Day weekend 2005.

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