More Post-Memorial Day Thoughts

On Monday, Memorial Day, I watched “X-Men III: The Last Stand.”  I mostly heard that it was good, “but…” and then there was that Slate review that puzzled me.   But, watching it and making my own opinion — well, it was a good movie.  More or less.  I mean, Wolverine and Storm got lots to do this time, and I liked Kelsey Grammar as Beast (fits very well with the Beast characterization of the X-Men cartoon on FOX in the 1990’s).  And, oh yeah, the appearance of Dark Phoenix.  But without the hokey alien storyline that the comics and the 1990’s cartoon had on the Dark Phoenix.  But a convincing version, covered by Professor Xavier’s psychobabble explanation of Phoenix.  But, the whole Jean Grey-Cyclops storyline…  Umm, well…  I won’t say more, lest I’ll spoil it.  But, after all the series and season finales on tv and after watching Mission Impossible III, I’m pretty much tapped so far as watching characters die.  Getting really tiresome.

At the least, Ian McKellan is a whole lot of fun.

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