Memorial Day Weekend

Take a moment to think about those who sacrificed or served for this country this weekend.

The men and women in uniform have been in town for Fleet Week. Salute them for their service. And, well, I must say, those men in uniform are definitely cute. But, it’s getting to that point where looking at them is making me feel old, because some of them are just kids and well, I’m not. Eh. 😉

“Green Acres”‘s Eddie Albert passed away
. Green Acres was before my time, but Albert’s one of those memorable character actors. He wasn’t a lawyer, but he played one on tv.

Can’t find an article right now, but Frank Gorshin, who played the Riddler on the old Batman TV series, passed away two weeks ago. Great character actor too (having recently played George Burns the comedian on Broadway).

Ken Jennings finally lost in the recent Super Tournament of Champions on “Jeopardy.” But, at least he was a good winner, writing “Go Brad” in his final answer. Brad Rutter won, and apparently he did so with Jennings’ strategy of beating-everyone-to-the-buzzer tactic (and have the right answer).

I’m still behind on “Alias” episodes, but I skipped the ones I missed and jumped right into the final two – wow. Massively scary and crazy season finale – and enough to make me want to choke that J.J. Abrams (the creator/mastermind of Alias) for having again thrown another idiotic cliffhanger. Argh.

And, “House” – ah, this has got to be my favorite tv show this year! The last two episodes were hilarious. And, Hugh Laurie is a great actor, making Dr. House a man we love to hate and love. A man in pain, who just has to be always right, even if we wish he was wrong (and there was the one time he was wrong). Sela Ward plays his ex Stacy the last two episodes – she and he are such great actors, convincingly playing exes who still obviously love each other even if the tragedies of life will never let them be together. I’m so looking forward to next season! And, so good – FOX is showing House reruns this summer! Cool!

I’m on this Ewan MacGregor kick – I watched the “Big Fish” movie on DVD. Billy Crudup plays Will, a guy trying to get through to his dad, Albert Finney playing the elderly Edward Bloom, who is dying of cancer. Edward, you see, tells tall tales of his youth (wherein McGregor plays young Edward in flashbacks) – but Will is no longer a kid to accept the bull – except maybe some of the stories aren’t bull. McGregor plays the role so well, and so does Finney. Thumbs up.

So it goes. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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