Home Making

I’m writing from the new bedroom — actually the old bedroom nee walkin closet. P’s bed just barely fit in the back end of the room, and I have my computer now installed in a computer desk that is so much better than the old setup. Boxes are still piled wall to ceiling, but at least paths of travel are now making themselves known.

Had lunch with YC yesterday. His mom did ok, and is returning to NJ to continue rehab. Sprouted about a number of new tech, including iSCSI – which let you hook up hard drives virtually to your computer through the network; Asterisk, which is a do it yourself open source phone PBX system, and CentOS, which is a free clone of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux system.

The other thing we tossed around was trying to do a podcast using Skype along the lines of a roundtable talk-show format. Let’s see what happens.

Tomorrow: starting to get the kitchen and living room together….

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