Saturday respite

Quiet office day today… just came from AJS place, enjoyed typical brunch with him, lots of sausages, 3 fried egss, brown rice and loads of bacon with mango, guava, orance juice to wash it all down.  Caught up with him as he was busy flying around.

Stopped by Taipei’s first McDonald’s on MinSheng E. Road for some ice tea and fried apple pie (yes, they are F-R-I-E-D here! :D) and now in my office for some quietness.  Peace and quiet listening to Ray Gelato

Need to catch up on my 360 degree profile responses and just general peace and my coaching homework.  Been reading The First 90 Days by Michael Watkins (HBS Press) and The Extraordinary Leader: Turning Good managers into Great Leaders by John Zenger & Joseph Folkman (McGraw-Hill).  Part of my big responsibilities is the need to develop staff both for succession planning purposes and for nurturing talent.  This forms part of my POs. 

Heard about the heat over there which sounds real lousy, sorry about that, but that’s par for the course here.  Keep cool!


Thanks for the Gramercy Park posting FC.  One I never got to.  I really love Union Sq. Cafe though.

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  1. There’s somewhere out there that still has the old fried Mickey’s Apple pie?! OhmiGod. The baked one took some getting used to, but I’ve come to like the baked one as a probably-not- that-healthier-but-at-least-not-fried version, but I missed the cripsy crunchy goodness of the old fried pie. Sigh… 😉

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