A TVB Soap Opera/Video

Observation: when your family becomes a composite of every TVB Hong Kong soap opera, what can you do? Cops, check. Lawyers, check. Financial people, check. Cooks, check. Medical professionals, check.

YouTube is gathering a lot of depth in its collection of videos, even stuff I thought were not around anymore. My favorite TVB soap opera – The Greed of Man I watched it during my 1991 trip to HK. One of the most well known songs from the show was Red River Valley , a Cantonese version of the American folk song. P and I were looking for the DVD version of the series in Hong Kong, but apparently it was sold out because of the recent Vivian Chow concert.

I also found a video for one of my favorite Vivian songs, “Because of You”. I’m going to pitch that for the Cantonese wedding song. Big shout out to YC for that one, if he remembers it. P’s pitching Nora Jones’ “Come Away” as the English wedding choice. What do you think?

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  1. Hey FC,

    Thanks for the memories on Vivian’s song. There’s no other song that would be more appropriate :).

    Thanks man.

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