Can the Week End Already?

Saw the Brooklyn Cyclones opening game Tuesday night.  Boy, is that Coney Island subway station looking really nice or what?  The game – well, that’s a different story.  Cyclones v. Staten Island Yankees.  Essentially, Minor League Mets v. Minor League Yankees.  Essentially, the Cyclones v. last year’s champs (in minor league world).  Which means either the Yankees were really good, or the Cyclones… is a work in progress (to put it diplomatically).  We left around 10:30, with the Cyclones losing 15-0.  I think they finally lost at 18-0.  Plus, that half-hour game delay due to the umpire’s getting injured and the teams waiting for a backup umpire to show up.  Oh well.

They now have Official Keyspan Park Dumplings at the Cyclones’ home.

And in other sports news: Carolina Hurricanes beat Edmonton Oilers for the Stanley Cup.  Too bad for Canada, yet again.  I was hoping they’d win the Cup, considering its their national sport and the lockout was quite a bummer.

There’s also the whole Miami Heat beating Dallas Mavericks for NBA Championships.  Head Coach Pat Reilly winning (but never for the Knicks?!); Alonzo Mourning winning (that other Georgetown champ; but never his old friend/ex-Knickbocker, Patrick Ewing); Shaquille O’Neal; Dwayne Wade; Gary Payton; etc.  Lucky them.

I did not know that the space folks discovered that Pluto had more moons.  But, the news is that they’ve given them official names: Nix and Hydra.  Both names have underwold connotations, to be consistent with Pluto (the Roman king of the underworld) and its other moon, Charon (the river of the underworld).

In Washington state, they have made it illegal for doctors to write prescriptions in cursive script.  Doctor, you’re either going to have to print it by hand or computer.  Aww shucks.

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