Weekend’s End

Saw “Cars” Sunday. Excellent movie – damn, Pixar’s amazing. The “cinematography” of Route 66 was stunning – it looked like the real thing. The cars were cute. Actor Owen Wilson as “Lightening McQueen” – funny and angsty and cute. Kind of like all the various characters Wilson has played. And, Bonnie Hunt – aww, her Sally the Porsche was a burnt-out attorney from Los Angeles and turned into a solo practitioner/motel operator in Radiator Springs, the town dying because of the interstate highway. And, Paul Newman as Doc Hudson, the mysterious old car/town doctor/town judge – cool, man. You wouldn’t know it was Paul Newman but for those blue eyes… 😉 Highly recommended movie, no matter how old you are!

An article on the Williamsburg Building.

Beautiful sunshine on Sunday.  I was at Grand Army Plaza, to see if the Brooklyn Public Library Central Library was open. Nope. In lieu of Sunday hours, they’ve increased weekday evening hours. I still would have liked Sunday hours.

And, an article on the traffic circle of Grand Army Plaza, a literal pedestrian death trap, if you asked me.  We can all wish, as the article acknowledged, that they’d improve it.  Some day.

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