Good-bye to Sydney

Okay, spoiler alert.  So, just turn away or scroll down or whatnot, if you don’t want to see my comments.  But, it’s not like I’ll say anything.

The gang at “Alias” – what a series finale!  Goodbye to Sydney and Vaughn, and Dixon, and Marshall.  Have a good off-screen life.  You did good, Jack.  Even poor Tom.  And, Sloane – you deserved your fate. I still don’t think I quite understand the whole Rambaldi thing, or what had happened for much of the episode, but it was quite an episode.
A nice wrap-up of the past five years of “Alias” on MSNBC.

“24” – well, I tried to watch.  Channel-changing got a little crazy there – of course.  Jack Bauer – oh, you poor fool.  But, you saved the day.  But, you got into a messier situation.  Geez, man.  And, okay, after saving the world…  well, see you next January…

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