Saturday, SSW came to see my minor role in a reenactment of the Rosenberg trial at a bar association conference. You can listen to it here if you have a spare hour (mp3). I play the court clerk/court reporter – I have 4 lines, 2 of which I get to read off of a piece of paper tape. The other two lines I pretty much wing. What I have to do is more physical – keeping track of boxes of Jello (yes, it was a pivotal part of the original trial), two sheets of paper, and a video clip (that the audio didn’t work), as well as type on a stenograph machine (I kind of figure out how it worked about 10 minutes before the beginning of the show). With all of these other things going on, it took a lot of effort to remember stuff like swearing in the witnesses. It was very well received – a lot better than your usual continuing education course. A radio station recorded the proceedings – perhaps we’ll hear it online soon.

Sunday, I rented a Ford Explorer from zipcar to move a dresser from P’s sister to home; P’s stuff to storage, and P’s mom and brother to their home. We make a quick trip to NJ to check on some other things and ask questions. We also checked out the new Red Hook Fairway (pretty good bargains if you look carefully, and the produce quality is great). The wind was really kicking up! Shopping carts were sliding across the parking lot.

T-3 to our trip. Got to take care of dry cleaning, as well as a few other things…

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