May Thoughts

Strange weather of late: much rain last week, plus the hail of Friday (hail, thunderstorm, wind, sun, clouds… a little bit of everything).

FC’s performance yesterday: great job! 😉 In fact, everybody did a great job. The “show” gave some food for thought too.

Saw “Da Vinci Code” the movie. It wasn’t as bad as the professional critics make it seem like. I never thought the book was that great, so it’s not like the movie had a fantastic source to work from. But, it was a good popcorn movie. I’d recommend seeing it. Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou brought some more humanity to their characters than the book did (author Dan Brown’s strength is not character development, so far as I could tell), although I thought the bittersweet end was more bittersweet than the book; plus, I do wonder if Tom Hanks’ Prof. Robert Langdon could have been different as a young male character. Oh, and Sir Ian McKellen – good fun he was! Alfred Molina and Paul Bettany – well, they played characters you had to hate in the book, and the feeling was still the same for the movie. But, Molina gave some kindness to his character. Bettany – well, geez, you’re an albino hitman. You can’t really expand much more than that.

The series finale of the WB show “Charmed” – was a lovely ending for all the trials and tribulations that the three Charmed Sisters have been through. I still don’t quite buy the endings for Phoebe and Paige, but nice that Piper finally has her happy ending.

The tv networks have announced their schedules for next year (to get the advertisers’ attention). The new CW has decided not to renew “Everwood” but renew “Seventh Heaven” (even though WB promoted “Seventh Heaven”‘s last episode as a series finale? Morons!)

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