Post-Cinco De Mayo

Last night, the family and I went to the marathon baseball game at Shea stadium. Mets v. Braves; Mets’ leaving many people on base; us leaving just before the game finally ended. Crazy Mets. At least they were a fun bunch. Mets just won the game this Saturday afternoon. Yeah. Beat the Braves. Just go in there and not have the mindset that the Braves are still Met killers. One more game to go with the Braves.

The latest developments of the comic strip “Doonesbury” – Mike’s daughter, Alex, is visiting colleges to decide which one she’ll accept to matriculate. She’s staying over at the D.C. home of Joanie Caucus, her maternal grandmother, to consider Georgetown. In the May 4 edition, Alex explains to Joanie that wasn’t eager to attend RIT or RPI (aka Rensselaer) since it’s pretty suburban/rural, and she’d rather be in a big city (well, she was born and partly raised in NYC, after all). Alex says Harvard “seemed to have a little self esteem problem.” Grammy Joanie asks: “Too little?” Alex: “Too much. Who wants to start every day getting over yourself?” Hehehe. Funny, Alex.

The Doonesbury website links to this Cornell press release, since Cornell accepted Alex and Cornell would be so happy to have a Doonesbury character among its population. (sort of like how Boalt Hall was happy to have the very fictitious Joanie as a law student a generation ago). I just hope Alex doesn’t end up at the undergrad alma mater of her parents and her grammy; no need to be the next generation of Doonesbury at Walden (like she really wants to join Joanie’s son Jeff and his roommate Zipper at that barely-accredited school).

The teen writer who wrote “How Opal Mehta got Kissed…” – got into trouble for – what else? – plagiarism. Sigh. That’s pathetic. Intentional or not, plagiarism is a big No-no.

This week’s two-part “House” – wow. Omar Epps as Dr. Foreman – powerful. Give the man an Emmy. Back when he was on “ER” as the put upon medical student (the ultimately dead medical student, by the way), his current doctor is that much stronger-willed. But, Foreman still wants his mom while he’s badly sick, even though his mom is suffering from dementia. (possibly giving a personal explanation for why he’s a neurologist, other than the utter intellectual interest and challenging of complexting). House gets a bit more sensitive to treat Foreman, but that makes him too cautious. (and, by the way, yeah, it’s hard to kill a blind pigeon, House). At least his pet mouse, Steve McQueen, didn’t get sick.

Lovely spring.

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