Cinco de Mayo

No sleep til Brooklyn… really busy at work, getting there early and staying late. It’s been really crazy this week. It’s going to be really crazy for the next week.

Crazy Greenpoint Warehouses fire on Tuesday – probably arson. All of downtown smelled like barbecue through Wednesday and even through Thursday. The only good that came out of it was that it cut out the hay fever-causing pollen. Check out the play-by-play of the 10 alarm fire.

Check out my performance as a court clerk/stage manager on May 20 and get CLE credits – see

On TV: what the hell is going on? On 24, POTUS is evil, on Amazing Race, the free love hippies are conniving (but get non-eliminated once again – I think they only thing they have left is their underwear), and on Lost, a whole bunch of people bite it.

Totally stressed out this week – this afternoon, I’ll be “gone fishing”. Hopefully, I’ll do “something brillant”.

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  1. Registered for the conference; should be interesting to see how you all perform this re-enactment. And, oh yeah, CLE…

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