Wee Hours of the Morn’

Just before I sleep on this late Tuesday/early Wednesday — I checked on the latest doings of the world of “Doonesbury.” What’s this – could it be? Has Alex Doonesbury finally picked her college?

Apparently, the other schools (was it really MIT?) had profs or students who couldn’t answer Alex’s hypo properly (something to do with unidentifiable wires and figuring out what to do with them when they’re in some boxes – I’m no techie). And, Walden, her safety school and her dad’s Alma Mater (the barely-accredited school that tries way too hard) has all but stalked Alex (their offer of freebies to bribe her to matriculate at the wonderful world of Walden: a free laptop – say what?). The May 10 edition suggests that a Cornell prof has been able to answer Alex’s hypo and Alex is getting excited about Cornell, even though she initially wasn’t keen on going all rural/suburban.

Is this for real? Is Alex Doonesbur Ivy-bound? Stay tuned…

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