It’s rainy season all over Asia-Pac

The rain in Taipei is killing me… whole week it was raining and this morning on the way to CKS airport, the down pour was relentless.

Now sitting back at the Le Meridien in KL Sentral and the rain has come with me. Thunder added to the mix.

Hooking up later this evening with my bro-in-law. Hope to get some R&R away from Taipei. Need to bring up a SMF site by this weekend. Let’s see. Should be nice and comfortable here.

Big holiday across Asia-Pac, May 1st being many country’s Labor Day.

Oh, a funny thing happened on the way from KLIA Express terminal to the hotel. Stopped by Mainland Chinese tourists who ran out of money. This was my 2nd experience. There was 3 people here. It was the exact same routine that happened to me at HK Airport a month ago but that was an elderly lady. Both claimed that they were on tours and ran out of cash. They promised me they’d pay me back, contact me, etc and give me their business card. I’m like uh, flashback to the hustlers on NYC Subways…. anyways, I gave the three women RM500. I don’t think I’ll hear from them, but it’s ok. It bothered me last time I couldn’t help that elderly woman in the middle of HK airport, even though my spidey sense was tingling that it was a scam and not to do it.

Enjoy the weekend folks….

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