Check Out the Hundred Acre Wood

As 99% of my financial transactions are done electronically, I pretty much only use checks for the rent. However, I’ve finally used up all of my checks this month, so I had to order another box. When I went to my online banking to order them, the first screen said something like “the checks you previously ordered are no longer available. Here is our suggested alternative:”


Mind you, my previous checks were the ultra cheapo safety blue paper. I like Winnie the Pooh and Tiger Too as much as anybody (I had a Winnie teddy bear as a kid) but it just doesn’t give the desired feeling of financial responsibility and professionalism that one would want.

I went with the safety trio (blue, yellow, green) with the duplicate carbon register. And just one box, thank you.

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  1. Cute Pooh check, but I agree – best to be professional about it. And, yeah, I’ve been stuck with my own set of checks quite awhile.

    I wonder though – why do they have to make and sell these checks? I’m all for individuality and choices, but it sure don’t look very smart for an adult to have Pooh checks.

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