Firefighting and the thing everyone has….

Been a really tough week.  Long hours and late nights … hard to keep the eyes open.  We pretty much finished up the final round of divestiture of our area business unit.  Was so mentally fatiqued that I lost my mobile phone and some minor computer accessories that I’ll get the next time I’m over there in HK.  Although not sure when that’ll be.

During these times of clean up and being new, you see stuff that just is all wrong and need to fix it up ASAP.  Joking with my team, I don’t mind wiping people’s asses as part of my job, but please… please…. one ass at a time rule, TYVM!

From now on, that’s going to be my SOP rule, “One Ass at a Time”

Starting next month, I’ll be on the TPE -> KUL, TPE -> SIN shuttle more often as my roles and responsibilities shift to other areas.  I should be flattered but the time cost is pretty high.  I just hope is going to pay out for me in the long run.  I just want a retirement home somewhere ….

Relax today, get my new phones, maybe play some hoops and then teach English tonight.

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