On the road, jack….

Just finished packing for a 2 day trip to HK for another set of meetings. Before that, had dinner with some Canadians, one Minnesotan and one Croatian at TGIFs. Talked about a lot of things like jobs, future, careers, exit plans, life in Taiwan, life after Taiwan, retirements, pensions and all the things “adults” worry about in life. Gee, I’m an adult now and before that I was thinking I could just play and run around the world, pretending I’m responsible and working.

Funny how one gets to a certain age and “parental” topics come to the fore. I guess play time is over. Time to figure out how to live one’s life over the next 25 years because…. well, that’s what I’m working for now. 65, retirement, what’s it gonna be?

Happy Easter everyone.

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