Unscheduled stop back in TPE. Fell sick to a stomach bug after eating some major fried, greasy but oh-so-good HK food near our HK office in North Point. So stayed back and cancelled my S’pore flight and Prince 2 studies. Oh the well anyways, because had to deal with HR issues, catch up on rest and prepare for week long meeting gab-fest in Malaysia next week. So much to do, so little time.

Even missed my March Madness :(.

One bright spot of the trip was to attend one of my staff’s wedding out in the New Territories places.  It’s a pretty big self-contained town which reminded me of how the US cities used to populate its urban areas.. large “projects” types of housing with surrounding shops for convenience.  Sunday we went to the local marriage registrar’s office and there was just a long line of couples waiting to get married.  Interesting stuff and then afterwards went to Tsim Sha Tsui for the banquet.  I got really trashed and barely staggered back to the hotel that evening.  Next day was pretty rough.  Too much fun perhaps leading to the stomach bug.  Well, have to watch out next time.

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