North Point!

That would be Hong Kong and at the City Garden Hotel.  Just arrived this afternoon.  Surprising the trip from the airport to here took 1.5 hours by their shuttle bus.  There were 4 people ahead of me, me being the last stop but still… I think that was a bit long.  Anyways, didn’t matter, it was a nice sunny day and I felt I was doing the Gray Line city tour thing.  No hurries.

Tired from all the work and more work next week and traveling to Singapore. 

Came in early to get away from it all in a nice comfortable environment.  Hotel isn’t bad, but going through some renovations.  They apparently “lost” my reservation at the desk and took a little longer to check in.  Room is a bit small as compared to the Hotel Excelsior and the price not as cheap as was originally reserved for.  Will have to let my HK office sort that one out when I get back.

Going to meet up with an BLS Alum here for dinner in an hour.  Then tomorrow, brunch and then a wedding ceremony HK style for one of the IT staff guys and then the dinner reception after that.

I’ll enjoy while I can… it’s going to be a lot of work!

All the best FC.

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