Isn’t it supposed to be spring already?

The day of vernal equinox is coming, yet it still feels darn cold. And, my own cold lingers. Blech.

The NCAA brackets are what they are. I picked too many Big East teams, and lo and behold, a bunch of Big East teams fell on Day 1 (I should’ve known better than to have picked Seton Hall and Syracuse, but was surprised about Marquette, but probably should’ve seen that Alabama was probably prime to be a good upset there). I also made the mistake of picking Indiana as one of my Final Four (more because I was hoping it’d be my upset pick to go all the way). The rest of my Final Four – Duke, UConn, and Villanova – are still in – so here’s hoping that my brackets won’t get entirely ripped up yet.

An article on the Baby Universe – curious stuff scientists are finding out about what happened just after Big Bang. Slate’s William Saletan links to other articles about the research – and poses that the answer to all our questions about the beginning of the universe lies in… religion. Can’t say that I disagree with him.

And, is there such a thing as a lawyer’s witness coaching going too far as to become witness tampering? Apparently, yes, says Slate Explainer.

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