Back in Taipei

I just landed and back in Taipei.

Much thanks to FC for everything.  Friday before I left, he showed my mom and B- My Little Pizzeria on Court St for some classic traditional NYC style pizza.  Everyone loved it.  We were gluttons, eating a whole 12″ half pepperoni and half mushroom pie along with a spinach rolle, sausage roll and a regular calzone!!! Awesome because I loaded up and hope that memory will keep me until I come back to NYC again 😀

Made it to JFK with 3 pieces of luggage and my computer bag.  I was afraid that I’d be dinged for being overweight but surprisingly they let me through.  But I won’t do that again anytime soon I hope.  Being a “mule” just aint fun even though is obligatory.  Just need to find a limit 😮

Trip was fine, but i’m thinking that I should avoid the 747-400s which China Airlines flies because my shoulders are bigger than their seats.  Being in the aisle seat, I kept having the flight attendants knock into my shoulder going up and down the aisle.  Hurts them more than me but annoying that I can’t avoid it as if I shift to the side, I’m into the middle seat.

We stopped by Anchorage again and this time I had more time to check out their duty-free shop.  All the store clerks were Korean!  Some great stuff there but pricey.  They sold lots of fur (PETA beware) for 2-4K depending on size and type of fur.  Beautiful stuff but I wonder who would buy fur coats in a duty free shop?  My flight filled up when we got to Anchorage, it wsa pretty empty leaving JFK.  I wonder, what were people doing staying in Anchorage?  I’d be kinda peeved to have to wait for a 2:30am flight to go to Taipei if I’m there.  Very curious.

Caught up on some reading on outsourcing and prepping for my HK trip this evening.  Starting my first day at BAT.  I wonder what I’ll say.

I’ll probably be flying a lot to HK and Macau now so maybe we can get a category for these places as well ;).

And a belated Happy Year of the Dog to everyone!!!


ps-interesting new WP 2.0.1   This really an improvement?

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