We went to the Bishop Museum Friday morning. This museum holds the primary collection of Hawaiian historical artifacts. We took two guided tours and saw a short hula demonstration. The second tour went through the garden and explained the uses of the various local plants, including ti,the leaves used for wrapping and thatching, and noni, which is an immune system booster.

It was getting hot, so of course it was time to get shave ice, the Hawaiian version of bing. We went to Waiola Shave Ice in McCully, which is very simple, but fantastic. The ice is extremely fine, and toppings and flavors are fantastic. The red bean is definately the best. We had two cups apiece. Recommended.

Costco: Yes it looks just like a regular Costco on the outside, but on the inside, it’s an Asian bulk buying paradise. Pretty much anything you need for an Asian themed restaurant is in there. The number one tip: if you need a Hawaiian gift for a ton of people, this is the place to get it. For example, Hawaiian Host chocolates were half the price of that in the ABC store. The only catch is that you have to buy a 6-box pack. They also sell wholesale gas – the gas outside the hotel is 2.76/gallon; the Costco price is 2.59/gallon. Of course, you have to have a Costco card with a magnetic stripe, and you have to use a debit or an Amex card – no cash accepted. We also picked up a portable lunch – two quarter pound cups of poke – a sashimi salad seasoned with soy, sesame oil, Hawaiian salt and seaweed, and 4 hand rolls. It could have easily fed 4 people. Recommended

P– was still pretty messed up and sore from her slip and fall yesterday, so we got massages at the Outrigger Waikiki on the Beach. The Hawaiian lomi lomi style is not a deep tissue style like Swedish, but it runs along the natural lengths of the muscles to increase si

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