The Weekend Before Election Day

Wow – your Hawaii travelogue has been great reading, FC! Glad that you and P- have been having fun!

Election Day Eve in the Metropolitan area: the NJ gubernatorial race is getting so sleazy – Mrs. Corzine gets quoted in the NY Times about her ex-husband, Senator Corzine (Dem.) (that she’s very much not endorsing her ex-husband); so of course, Mr. Forrester (Rep.) has it in his commercial; but then these rumors of affairs and corruption are getting rampant and crazy. I could have sworn it was about the issues (and the candidates haven’t done a very good job of that). I’m glad I don’t vote in NJ!

The NYC mayoral race continues. I’ll leave it at that.

So, I gave in tonight, and watched one of the new sci-fi schows of this season. I watched an entire episode “Threshold” on CBS. Very much an X-Files mode (and it’s because of my watching too much X-Files that I find myself tuned out to these new shows). But, the star Carla Gugino is a good watch and it’d be nice for her to have a show that’s not cancelled. She plays Molly, the head scientist leading the contingency against the invading alien DNA. Brent Spiner (Data/Dr. Soong of Star Trek fame) is doing a nice job as the resident biologist, along with a solid cast including Peter Dinklage and Charles S. Dutton. It feels more like Carla Gugino and These Guys, but curiously creepy show. Aliens Invading!

I missed “Smallville” last night, only catching the end of the episode. Jonathan Kent (John Schneider) is helping his old friend, the US Senator of Kansas (played by Tom Wopat) find his moral compass again. Jeez, I missed seeing the original Dukes of Hazard! (and, apparently, missed seeing Clark and Lois irritate each other; aww. They’re so cute – why are they making a new Superman movie without these two actors who are already Clark and Lois on tv?).

“Entertainment Weekly” and TV Guide reports that FOX doesn’t know what to do with the final nine episodes of “Prison Break” – FOX wants to keep the show on the air, but has no time slot for it. Geez. I still haven’t gotten myself to watch a full hour since the series premiere, and it seems like a weird psycho but interesting show, and you don’t know what time slot to put it in now? How about ditching a reality show (I think we can live without “Trading Spouses”) or crappy sitcom(s) (yes, I mean “American Dad” and “War At Home” on Sunday nights – they suck for a so-called cartoon and a stereotypical un-PC studio audience type of sitcom). EW and TV Guide theorize that FOX may consider doing an X-File on Prison Break – put it on Friday or Sunday nights (which worked for “X-Files”). Not a bad idea, really. Although, I’d hate for “Prison Break” to go up against “Cold Case” (CBS) or “Desperate Houswives” (ABC) on Sunday or up against “Threshold” and “Numbers” (CBS) on Fridays. FOX has to consider options here before letting “Prison Break” sit out for the spring.

EW’s new issue profiles the newest Harry Potter movie – “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” (aka Book 4). How exciting. Well, then again, Book 4 leads the way to the darkness of 5 and 6, and well, we’ll see…

And, there’s the coming of the Narnia movie: “The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe.” This better not be a movie that’ll screw up a perfectly good fantasy series. I was too young to ever pick up on the Christian themes, but the books has fascinating characters and ideas. This fall may wind up having great movies (if done correctly!).

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