I’m in Malaysia and the weather has just been fantastic. Flew in Saturday morning, day before the unfortunately named Typhoon Longwang. From KLIA went directly up to Ipoh to see my cousin who was on holiday from China. It was nice as my uncle’s family was all back and could spend time with them. Always enjoy that greatly. Definitely a Mastercard moment.

Sunday, came back down to teach a Project Management 5-day Boot Camp class of 16 people who will mostly sit for the PMP cert exam. A few glitches with the logistics created some problems and we’ve been scrambling to fix things up. US HQ held up the books and materials and then shipping seemed to have it stuck in a facility somewhere. Its not easy to do training 9 hours on your feet and trying to not bore people to death. Not to mention that while the material isn’t new to me, their presentation of it is so had to tailor on the fly my presentation. So far, I think so good, and enjoying myself, but got 3 more days of this. Wish me luck.

Oh, and Malaysia is really nice…. I might make that circle complete after all……


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