Despedida, Continuing, and Once Again

Went to a surprise farewell party in Chinatown. She’s moving to Washington, D.C. this weekend. If anyone knows anything about eating out in New York, Monday has to be the slowest day at any restaurant. This was true at the place that we went to, Harmony Palace. If it weren’t for us, they would have just packed it all in. But it was very nice to have the whole place for a fine despedida.

I still have the cold from the 26th, that continues to linger like a bad houseguest. Several of my co-workers are starting to get it, too.

P-‘s sister’s dogs spent the day on Sunday hanging out at our place; it was also the annual Blessing of the Animals that is traditionally connected to St. Francis of Assisi Day (which happens to actually be today, October 4), and P’s sister really wanted the dogs to be blessed as some protection against dog flu.

A friend from law school’s mom passed away on Friday. It was apparently unexpected, and there is so much grief. The wake is on Friday at the funeral home my dad used. The only thing to say is that this annus horribilis cannot end soon enough.

The other thing that I totally missed when I blogged on the 26th because of my sickness was the blog’s second year anniversary. Muchos kudos to SSW and YC for writing, for making up for my slack, and just being damn interesting. For all you people who bother to read our rantings (amazingly, it’s like 900 unique people a month, 600 of which are probably search engines), thank you.

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  1. I completely forgot (I’m no less out of it, having ceased the congestion, but still behind the writing work) — 2yrs on the blog! Happy ann’y, FC and YC!!!

    … and seriously, 900 unique readers a month? Or, rather, 300 (excluding search engines). Either way, wow.

    Dog flu, avian flu – it’s all not good. Let’s hope for the best…

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