Beat the Typhoon!

This year typhoon season has come fast and furious to Taiwan. Latest Typhoon Talim and another (Nabi) right behind it is bearing down on us. Here’s another graphic of the storm tracking.

Meanwhile, B- and I are rushing to get on the first flight out of here to make an appointment with the US Embassy in KL end of this week. Originally booked on MAS direct to KL on Sept 1st but due to Talim, we’ve had to reroute ourselves to Singapore on JetstarAsia then bus it up to KL a day earlier. Hope we can make it!!!

Why all this? Our spousal visa application is due. It’s been quite the stressful time. Wish us well.


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  1. I read somewhere that all these storms are due to global warming. Well, something has to explain why we’re already up to letter “L” in hurricane season, and we’re only at the end of August.

    Good luck with everything…

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