I’ll be on radio!

The Taiwan expat community is starting a new radio station. The former ICRT here has become localized. So the expat folks are starting WWRN (World Wide Radio Network) which will go life on the FM dial September 1st. My show will be on the air tomorrow at 12 noon Taipei time (12 midnight EST). I run it through Windows Media Player. If that doesn’t work well (it doesn’t for me) then in WMF, you need to Ctrl-U and input http://wwrn.mine.nu:8000 and it’ll work.

Let me know how it is 🙂


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  1. Interesting commentary on the whole immigration process for Taiwan. The entire show was recorded successfully!!

  2. Thanks for listening :)! It was very cool to be in a radio studio. Always wanted to do that and I finally got the chance…here in Taipei. The others will likely be pre-recorded though, not live as it was the first time.

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