Movies and A Book

“Must See Dogs” – cute movie. An alternative from the usual summer blockbusters of blow-’em-up stuff and superheroes. Diane Lane and John Cusack playing cute. Some cute dogs. A moment of wondering if Cusack will act in other stuff than romantic comedies (I’m sure he has, because I enjoyed him in “Runaway Jury” – he just does romantic comedies very well). A fluffy nice movie. Very much a chick flick, with heavy doses of reminding me of “When Harry Met Sally” and “You’ve Got Mail” (well, for the latter’s Internet factor). Nothing brain taxing or Oscar nominating though.

“Wedding Crashers” – also not brain taxing. I mean, seriously not a thoughtful movie. Unless you come out of it thinking about weddings in a different way, as in “Geez, this ain’t boring if you just mingle by making up stories about yourself and lie to the men and women here for kicks. Oh, and accept that weddings are fun. And love your wingman.” Vince Vaughn – funny. Owen Wilson – umm, yeah, funny, but it’s weird to be reminded that the leading man is indeed getting in on years to be still doing the hijinks. And Christopher Walken not acting like a total weirdo.

“The Tao of Pooh” – by Benjamin Hoff – I took a class on Taoism in college, and it amazes me that this little book, using Pooh as the allegory of all allegories, captured everything about Taoism (well, with the exception of how sex and other consumptions may come into play, but basically getting the point about the Way). I read it in one sitting yesterday. Kind of hard on Confucianism (I doubt that Lao-tzu really cared about being in competition with Confucius, and Confucius probably cared less about the guy who was the equivalence of his Oscar or a happy-go-lucky hippie weirdo), but I’d highly recommend “The Tao of Pooh.”

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