Not as humid as it has been the past couple of days. Ah, a NYC summer indeed.

“Are subway searches legal?” Slate’s “Explainer” gave the best possible answer under the circumstances: Depends.

Slate’s “Explainer” also explains how those bomb-sniffing dogs learn to sniff bombs. I confess – the real reason I’ve linked to this article is because the dog in the picture looks so cute! It looks like he’s enjoying his job a little much. And, Slate’s caption for the picture – “I love the smell of C-4 in the morning …” – as if the dog’s really that enthusiastic. Um, ok…

Slate has an interesting conversation on U.S. Supreme Court nomination of John Roberts.

Ok, now I can’t find the article (maybe it was Daily News or MSNBC or NY Post) – CBS News’ John Roberts is apparently amused that he got to announce on tv that the White House nominated John Roberts as Supreme Court justice. Hehehe. It is much too common a name. And, there’s the strangeness that Judge Roberts’ family all have “J” names.

Watched “The Apartment.” Great movie. Would you compromise your principles to get ahead with your career? Would you give up the love of your life, since she’s really the (married) boss’ girlfriend? And, geez, Jack Lemmon got a little creepy there when it turned out he knew a little too much about life of the elevator girl (just because he’s in the insurance company and had access to her insurance info — um, geez). But, it had heart, since in the end, Jack Lemmon as C.C. Baxter – well, turns out that C.C. had a heart after all. A real softy all right. A vibrant young Shirley MacLaine. A villanous Fred MacMurray (not the same nice guy from those Disney movies). And a taste of NYC in 1960. Highly recommended.

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  1. Yes – that’s the article! 😉 I thought it was funny for vindicating CBS’ John Roberts (who may never get to truly succeed the Dan Rather, but he always tries).

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