Saturday into Sunday

“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” – pretty good movie. Weird. The movie critics are correct though – Johnny Depp as Willie Wonka felt like he was channeling Michael Jackson. But, interesting movie. That British kid playing “Charlie”- he’s very talented. I could see him in a Harry Potter movie, or other Brit thing.

I’m convinced that the Academy should consider a “Dramedy” category, since some tv shows are just not convincing straight comedies. I mean, yeah, “Desperate Housewives” has funny moments, and so it probably deserves the best comedy Emmy nomination. But, it has a lot of angsty and serious moments – ex., Rex passes away and Bree, the grieving wife, weeps in her immaculate dining room. That was NOT a comedic scene in any way (and Marcia Cross, playing Bree, deserves the Emmy). “Desperate Housewives” is also not comparable to either “Will & Grace” or “Everybody Loves Raymond” (which says something about the state of modern sitcoms). I felt that way back when the Emmy people nominated “Ally McBeal” – I never quite felt comfortable calling it a comedy, because its very first episode and overall themes were about the dilemmas of Ally (which weren’t always funny). Dramedies cover both dramatic and comedic elements – shows that are too light to be dramas, but too angsty to be comedies. Not that I’m expecting the “Best Dramedy” category anytime soon, but I’d like to propose it.

Seeing Lee Iacocca doing the car commercials again – very odd. Like the 1980’s are back.

Enjoy the humidity…

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