Thursday into Friday

Got to give Rehnquist credit – he won’t give up (or says he won’t, anyway). Well, on a more serious note, I feel as if all this talk of when-is-Rehnquist-going-to-go just a little unseemly – as if we’re waiting for either his retirement or his funeral. I’m thinking, “Let’s just leave Rehnquist alone so he can relax and recover and decide on his career plans independently.” These are certainly interesting times we’re living in.

And, meanwhile, “O’Connor Urged to Reconsider Retirement,” as a bunch of senators would like to see if she would like to be chief justice for a short period of time. Umm. Hmm. I have been fond of the idea of a Ch. J. O’Connor, but we ought to respect that O’Connor had real life reasons for stepping down, never mind that she probably thought this was the time for her. And, reversing her retirement notice – well, I’m not sure how impressed the public would be (be a flip-flopper, why don’t you; it wasn’t what made people be impressed about presidential candidate Kerry). That’s just me, I guess.

Emmy nominations are out — yahoo — Hugh Laurie “Dr. House” of FOX’s “House, M.D.” – nominated for best actor in a drama! He’s “reeling” from this surprise. And, gosh, Zach Braff of “Scrubs” and Jason Bateman of “Arrested Development” for best actor in the best comedy category! Sandra Oh of “Grey’s Anatomy”! Supporting nominations to Terry O’Quinn and Naveen Andrews of “Lost.” All these first timers! Could it be, the Academy people watch the tv shows that the rest of us watch?

Umm, I still can’t be sure about that – for some reason, “Will and Grace” took a chunk of the nominations, apparently for its guest stars’ work – even in a season where the ratings and critical approval were down? While the guest stars on “Will and Grace” are top notch stuff, I personally stopped watching “Will and Grace” years ago, because it got tiresome seeing how neither Will nor Grace were making progress in their lives. Heck, the reruns of the 1st season is still their best stuff (I feel that way about “Dharma and Greg,” come to think of it). Methinks the Academy just nominated “Will and Grace” out of habit (well, there’s always going to be one show that falls into the “habit” category).

Oh, yeah, there were nominations for “Desperate Housewives” and “Everybody Loves Raymond.” No surprise.

“Amazing Race” is up against “American Idol,” “The Apprentice,” “Project Runway” (apparently a Bravo show on competing models); and “Survivor.” Umm, if they’re really basing it on the 2004-2005 season, I’d have to say that “Amazing Race” cannot be compared to “American Idol” or “The Apprentice” (“The Apprentice” went downhill this year in terms of the camp factor, and “American Idol” doesn’t fit neatly into “reality” – it’s just a basic competition show). I’d say it’s really between “Amazing Race” and “Survivor” – and “Amazing Race” might win the nod.

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