“Fantastic Four” – the critics panned the movie. But, if you asked me, having seen it yesterday, the best advice is – just go watch it without your brain turned on and you’ll enjoy it just fine. I’d give it a two star out of four star rating, rather than the single star reviews I’ve seen. Mainly, the dialogue isn’t nearly as interesting as it could be, and the plot’s kind of plotless. It’s mainly an origin story – how the Fantastic Four became the Fantastic Four. It’s not too dark and angsty; mostly campy (not Adam West Batman campy, with the “pow” and “bash” in bold letters, but campy nonetheless).

Julian McMahon, playing Victor von Doom/Dr. Doom, is a hot actor – good looking and all that – deserving better material (which I hear he does get on FX on “Nip/Tuck”; but, actually, even in “Charmed” on WB, he was the intruiging one).

Ioan Gruffudd – as Richard Reed/Mr. Fantastic – a little bland, but that’s how the leader of the group usually does end up being. But, I’ll credit Gruffudd for sounding most American this time (he’s Welsh, and I’ve seen him in his previous American work, and he still sounded like a Brit trying to be American, whereas McMahon, an Australian, has gotten his American accent nailed correctly years ago, since he’s been in America longer).

Jessica Alba – as the Sue Storm/Invisible Woman – she was okay. Nothing too taxing on her. (I think these action roles just hasn’t been the same for her since season 1 of “Dark Angel” on FOX, where she kicked butt and had tons of angst).

Chris Evans – as Johnny Storm/Human Torch (“‘Torch’ to the ladies!”) – hot cutie (pun sort of intended – he’s quite good looking). He had the funny lines. “Torch” generally behaved like an irresponsible brat who has potential to do better with himself (as in, if he wasn’t such a twerp, maybe he wouldn’t be a NASA dropout). He and Michael Chiklis – as Ben Grimm/The Thing – stole the movie with their chemistry (no offense to Alba and Gruffudd – but they didn’t quite have chemistry, even as they pretty much portrayed the trials and tribulations of the romantic lives of their characters in a serviceable manner).

If you have to have the angst in your superhero movie, be rest assured that The Thing carried the most angst. Plus, Chiklis played a character with a heart, loyal to his friends – someone more like his old ABC’s “Commish” character (he was the “Commish” of a local upstate NY police dept) from the 1990’s, as opposed to, say, his corrupt/morally problematic character on FX’s “The Shield”).

Sort of funny to see the NYC buses with ads for FX series, and thus see McMahon and Chiklis more or less next to each other on the posters (promoting their respective FX shows).

At any rate, the movie critics apparently wanted more angst and plot and all that (considering how they got that from “Spiderman” and “Batman Begins”). But, “Fantastic Four” is just campy, which isn’t a bad thing by itself. Heck, if you’ve got kids, bring them with you; you’ll all be entertained enough. (is it worth 10 bucks? No. Go matinee.).

Facing yet another work week…

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