Thursday into Friday

The unfortunate situation in London – reminding us that this isn’t the world we’d like to have and of the scary thought of “geez, that could happen to our mass transit.” Hopes and prayers to our fellow major metropolitan.

In NYC, where we’ve been on security level Orange for four years now, we sort of became Orange Plus (more cops in downtown, where I work, not that that’s any surprise; a heightened awareness).

The news media is making me feel weary, because the reality is that there isn’t that much news to provide, since the authorities are still investigating. It gets really annoying watching tv anchorpeople talking to the “experts” early in the day and getting all mawkish – I got a glimpse of Diane Sawyer on ABC’s “Primetime” – she’s talking to a Londoner and his eyes are tearing up and she’s trying to show empathy… but, I felt the need for a more stolid sort of comfort (sorry, Diane). I liked “Nightline” – Ted Koppel giving a good perspective and nicely handling his panel of experts – a former Irish terrorist; a former CIA guy; and Richard Clarke (the USA’s ex-terrorism czar). I may not have necessarily agreed with Clarke, but Koppel kept things smooth, giving everyone a chance to put their views.

Take it a day at a time – irony of seeing the Londoners all happy about the 2012 Olympics on 7/6/05, and then facing the grim reality of 7/7/05. Will the G-8 summit get back to talking about global warming and global poverty, even in the ugly face of current terrorism? So the world turns.

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