Making Room

First off, congrats are in order for AJ’s new baby boy, which arrived yesterday morning!

Monday, we went to Coney Island for a friend’s BBQ. The area is much better now that the Stillwell station is renovated. We passed by the famed Nathan’s site, missing the actual eating contest (49 dogs by the perennial winner Takeru “The Prince” Kobayashi, and 37 by Sonia Thomas, both Asian). We saw it on ESPN, where they displayed a bag containing the world record 53.5 hot dogs. How do they make room for so many?

We’re still cleaning up space in the apartment for stuff. I got 4 garbage bags of stuff reorganized into 3 neat boxes. At once there was a lot more room for the sofa. More space will open up when we are done with the laundry.

About 3 more hours before they will announce who will get the 2012 Olympics. Maybe it’s just boosterism, but I do think that New York has a shot, if Paris doesn’t win it outright in the first round. The move to a Mets Stadium greatly improved the NY plan and eliminated the bad aspects of the proposed Jets Stadium. P thinks it will just be craziness if they do end up picking here, but I’ve haven’t seen the event yet that was too big for New York.

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  1. Congratulations to AJ and the missus.

    Congratulations on the housekeeping project. Isn’t it nice to find you actually have space… (umm, I’m still working on my own cleaning, so I should talk).

    Oh, and I’m still agnostic on the NYC Olympics idea. While it’s not entirely a surprise that NYC didn’t win, wow, London! And I do wonder – could NYC ever muster the popular consensus to earn the public excitement that Madrid, Paris, and London had for their bids? Could we dare to dream for a NYC 2016?… Ummm, could be wishful thinking there…

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