Transitting in HK at the moment. Utilizing DFS Galleries convenient complimentary free email stations. I’m typing on an iMac at the moment and it’s neat. Keyboard is a bit soft.

A couple of hours to blow here waiting for CX888 to NYC by way of Vancouver. Browsed the WHS bookstore to catch up on all the Business and American literature I missed out being in Taiwan for a year. Nothing but China.

It’s almost noon and the weather in HK is overcast, fog/smog ? Can’t see very far other than that this airport is totally surrounded by hills and mountains.


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  1. Have a safe trip back to the NYC metro area! (and just think – you’ve made it back in time for the Star Wars mania! umm, don’t mind me, I just got back from watching the SW movie; I’ll post about it during the daylight hours…)

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