“Star Wars: Episode III” – saw it last night. Two words (for now): Ewan MacGregor. He’s quite an actor. Oh, and cute too. 😉

Saw “The Interpreter” today. Good movie. Beautifully weaving in NYC and the United Nations. Sean Penn is a great actor. Nicole Kidman – ok, she’s pretty good too.

I actually watched “CSI: NY” today (a Saturday showing, since CBS apparently has nothing to show on Saturday nights). Very interesting stuff. (although, not terribly accurate – I’ve heard that in NYC, we don’t have Crime Scene Investigators but the unit’s called something else; plus this episode actually has Melina Kanakaredes’ character making a reference to “Bowery Street”?! Who calls it “Bowery Street” – it’s just “Bowery” – are they just trying to make the out-of-towners feel good?). I like Gary Sinise – he’s a good actor (but I get the feeling he’d like to do more than just the usual CSI-procedures-and-morbidity stuff). Is it just me or did his character and Kanakaredes’ character have some kind of chemistry? (well, I certainly see chemistry in the original CSI characters of Grissom and Willow).

I’d watch original CSI once in a while (Grissom’s cool, and a character); and I’d watch CSI: NY (Gary Sinise!), but I cannot get myself to care for CSI: Miami. Everytime I see David Caruso, I see the ex-NYPD Blue man who’s pasty paleness just doesn’t jar well in Miami. Maybe it’s me. Oh well.

I still have to catch up on “Alias” episodes, but I did catch the major two hour episode on Wednesday night – yeah! Kick-ass “Alias” style – the return of Lena Olin, the actress who plays Secret Agent Sydney’s morally ambiguous mom, Irina. Sydney’s dad, Jack, gets to crumble. The season finale’s going to be crazy!

I’m still refraining from blogging a rant about the series finale of “Enterprise.” Oh, but it’ll be there soon…

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