Apologies for being on hiatus of late; it’s a time for reflection, in regards to our friend FC and his family; and, in my real life, work and professional matters have preoccupied my mind. I could go into a rant about work, but I’ll spare you folks of that!

At any rate, I keep watching the news and reading the news – and I could say stuff about the whole euthanasia matter of Terri Schiavo of Florida, but I’ll refrain. It’s heart-breaking; it touches family law, federalism, and government in our lives (or not) and so forth – and as a lawyer and human being, I just find the whole situation as quite an exercise of watching law get twisted and tossed and lives caught in the middle. The hypocrisy of politicians. The manipulation of the media. The judges who must feel emotionally tortured, but bound by law (for this is still a country of laws, even if certain right wingers in Congress did not seem to appreciate that)… Well, ok, let me refrain from talking politics. This news has all been quite… something.

“Amazing Race” – ah, Rob and Amber – the people we love to hate. Personally, I wouldn’t have given up holding my breath until the plane left, so it was funny watching the other contestants look in shock that Rob and Amber get onto the plane at the very last second. They were much too confident that they evaded Rob and Amber.

“American Idol” – an error in presenting the telephone numbers for voting the contestants made it so that they re-aired yesterday’s songs today. Hmm. I liked how the rock singers, Bo and Constantine, sung so well. And – even more amusing – Constantine sang the “I Think I Love You” song (made famous by David Cassidy of Partridge Family). I get a kick out of hearing that song in the Cheerios commercials, but Constantine did a cute spin of it (well, he is kind of cute as it is).

The comic strip “Cathy” has taken quite a turn the last couple of months – Cathy, that perennial Single White Female Feminist/Career Woman, finally got married in February (marrying her longtime on-off boyfriend, Irving (who had his own bizarre mid-life crises over the years, forget Cathy)). I mean, their marriage was shocking enough. But – gadzooks – we finally learn Cathy and Irving’s last names!! “Cathy Andrews” and “Irving Hillman” in the 3/23/05 issue. Good grief, Charlie Brown. What will happen next?!

NCAA basketball tournament continues – in one of my brackets, half of my Final Four are gone. But, so long as Illinois and Louisville are still in, the other half of my Final Four are still there. Hmm… So it goes…

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